How can mindfulness coaching help me?


Mindfulness coaching provides personalized support for mindfulness practice.

I have broad personal and clinical experience with living mindfully. Mindful presence offers each of us the potential for transformation. Working together in coaching, I listen to you and together we develop individualized strategies to nourish and support your mindful awareness. People with a range of physical and emotional challenges report that my assistance helped them experience new internal stability and peace.

If you're just starting out, coaching can help you

- Provide specific answers to your questions
- Decide how & where to begin
- Explore practices for promoting present awareness
- Maintain your motivation during challenging times
- Develop external cues to help you
- Identify & troubleshoot stumbling blocks
- Acknowledge & celebrate change

For people who are already practicing mindfulness, coaching can assist with

- Deepening practices
- Adapting to changing physical or cognitive abilities
- Noticing limiting patterns in the body & mind
- Developing & reaffirming personal intention



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